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As a fan of Twitch, you must be interested in the channels of your favorite streamers and eager to watch the VODs whenever you want. But it is inconvenient to open the Twitch website every time you want to watch a video.

Twitch Leecher is a free program designed specifically to download videos from Twitch. Twitch Leecher is a popular Twitch downloader that’s completely free. It’s a very simple tool with a basic interface, but it works well and has good functionality. The first thing to do is click the “Select VOD” button and select your video file. Then, choose the resolution you want to download. You can also specify whether to download the full video or just the highlights.

If you like to watch gaming videos online, then you surely know the Twitch platform. Here, thousands of streamers and players meet daily to watch live videos, chat, and play directly with each other. But what if you want to watch your favorite stream on your PC or TV when there is no Internet connection available?

Twitch Leecher automatically sorts all video recordings by type (past broadcasts, highlights, uploads). To download any of them, just right-click the video in question and select one of the download options on the context menu. In addition to downloading full videos, Twitch Leecher also lets you grab clips.

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Supported OSWindows 11, 10,8, and 7
AuthorDominik Rebitzer

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What is Twitch Leecher?

A powerful and intuitive application, Twitch Leecher is one of the best ways to download VODs and clips from Twitch. You can download multiple videos at once without lag, thanks to its multi-threaded technology. You can even choose which format and quality you want your video in.

How to use Twitch leecher to download videos?

Once you have downloaded and installed the Twitch Leecher software, simply start it up and log in with your Twitch account. Once logged in, an “Add New Task” dialog will appear, allowing you to add new tasks. The “Channel” field is used for entering the channel name of the broadcaster whose VODs you want to download.

In the “Quality” field, you can enter a quality value. If no value is entered here, all available qualities will be listed when trying to download videos.

Does Twitch Leecher work for clips?

Twitch Leecher is the free, all-in-one Twitch downloader application. With Twitch Leecher you can download your favorite Twitch videos and clips. Just enter the video URL into the search bar and hit “Download” or use the main menu to paste in a link manually. The program will automatically detect the video source and download it directly from Twitch.

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