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yalp store

The Yalp Store is an alternative to Google’s Play Store. It lets you search for and download Android apps, as well as upload your APKs for others to use. The store uses a client-server model, with the server providing an index of available applications and other information about them, and a client app running on the user’s device allowing the user to browse and download them.

The downside of using Yalp is that it doesn’t sync your current downloads and purchases with the Play Store, meaning that you’ll have to re-download everything from scratch if you switch back to the official app or change phones, though this isn’t much of a hassle since most apps are small enough that they can be downloaded in minutes over WiFi.

The Yalp Store can be used to explore new Android applications or perform extensive searches for specific types of apps. Reviewed applications are shown at the top of each category with all other apps sorted by their popularity and downloads. The Yalp Store app does not allow automatic background updates, but it does notify users when updates are available for their installed apps.

The Yalp Store requires no account creation or registration and allows users to download any free application from the Google Play app store without needing to set up billing information.


What is Yalp Store?

Yalp is different than Google Play. It’s an alternative app store for Android, available for free and built by the Yalp team. Yalp Store is a great place to find apps that aren’t available in other stores, but it also offers a few unique features.

Is YALP Store free?

Yalp Store is free to download and use, doesn’t require any complicated installation process, and comes with an easy-to-use app interface.

Download Yalp Store for Android

File Name







2.43 MB

Released On

24 Jan, 2024

Official Source


MD5: c1a59b51d283da86c1622310c7e77189

SHA1: 2bb35736e5437f5858b70312f0303271bb0c8d79

The file has been scanned with VirusTotal and marked safe for download and use.

v0.45 Changelog:

• This is a maintainance release
• Manual download crash fixed
• Crash on devices which have no download directory at the time of launch fixed

Note: this apk is not signed with the same signature as the f-droid apk. Uninstall the f-droid version before installing this one. Or just wait for the f-droid version to avoid confusion.

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