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Blackmart Apk Download: If you’re looking for Blackmart App Download, then you’re on the right page. Here, you will be able to download Blackmart Apk latest version for Android devices. Furthermore, you can also learn more about the app like its features and faqs.

What is Blackmart Alpha?

Blackmart is a popular Android app that allows you to download any paid application like games, etc from its catalog for free of cost. Blackmart is a great alternative for Google Play Store. This app has a huge database of android applications related to different categories including premium applications and games.

The app is quite popular due to its availability of the apps. It has one of the largest collections of free and paid apps after Aptoide.

If you’re looking for an app store from where you can easily download apps and games, then Blackmart Alpha or Black Market App is one of the best choices.

Blackmart Apk Download for Android | Black Market

App NameBlackmart Alpha
Last Version2020.2.2
CategoryApp Store
Size7 MB
Downloads10 Million +
Last UpdatedA Long back

So, above are some of the basic details related to the app. If you want to know more about black mart alpha, then you can install the app and explore.

To get you more idea on the app, we have covered the app features of Blackmart Alpha just right below.

App Features

The app is very easy to use and explore. But still, for the user’s convenience, we have listed some of the popular features of the app that you can check out.

Unlimited Apps & Games

Blackmart Alpha App has one of the highest numbers of apps and games related to various categories which includes an arcade, adventure, strategy, Action, etc. The great thing is that you can not only download and use free apps but also download paid apps for free. You don’t have to pay any fee to download any premium or paid application.

Free To Use

The official Google Play store provides you apps for free and as well as paid. In case, you want to download and use any of the paid apps, then you will have to pay a specific amount to get the app. But with the Blackmart apk, you can get any premium application for free of cost without paying any amount. And another great thing is that there are no restrictions and limitations on downloading apps.

In-built App Manager

To do app management things like moving and uninstalling unwanted apps, we do need to use third-party software. But with Blackmart Alpha, you do get the ability to manage your apps easily right from the Blackmart App. Here, you can move your installed apps from internal storage to SDcard and also uninstall the apps which you don’t want.


Auto-update is really a good feature when it comes to time-saving and user experience. Because if you have enabled auto-updates, then your installed apps will automatically be updated to the latest version whenever the update will roll out. This will always make you up-to-date with the latest releases of apps and games. In case, if you don’t want, then you can disable this feature as well.

Blackmart Alpha App has always been the favorite choice of Android users when we talk about downloading apps and games. Because of the reliability that is used to provide.

After the shut down of the app, users like you are in so much eagerly searching for it and its alternatives. However, the official Blackmart no more exists. So, we have provided the download link below to one of its awesome alternatives. Kindly go and checkout.

Blackmart Apk Download Latest Version for Android

Note: Blackmart Alpha Apk has been discontinued and no longer works. You may only find infected and malicious copies of it. So, kindly please avoid them. But you don’t need to worry because there are so many genuine other apps that are good Blackmart Alternatives. And we have linked the above download button to one of them.

Note: Blackmart Alpha and its alternatives belong to their respective owner. We do not hold any copyright and responsibility to this app and other linked ones. As this site is created only for resource purposes. So, download and use these apps on your own.

How To Install Blackmart Apk on Android Devices

Blackmart Alpha is a third-party app store, which requires you to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ options in the phone settings to be enabled. You can follow the instructions given below to do so.

  • First of all, go to Android Settings.
  • Now go to Security and Privacy.
  • Under this tab, tap on the toggle button of the ‘Unknown Sources’ option to turn it on.
  • As soon as you hit the toggle button, a confirmation popup may appear. Just allow it.
  • Now, go back and download Blackmart Alpha Apk using the link that we have provided above in this article.
  • Once you have downloaded the app file, click on it to open.
  • Now, tap on the ‘Install’ button to start the app installation.
  • And once it is done, hit the ‘Done’ button.

That’s it. These are some easy steps by following which you can install Blackmart Apk on Android phones.

Blackmart Alpha Alternatives | Similar Apps like Blackmart Alpha Apk

Blackmart has really been a very good app market. It was having one of the best collections of apps and games including the ones which were not even available on the Google Play Store. But we all know that good things always come to an end.

So, if you’re one who is looking for a cool and worthy play store alternative or a similar app to blackmart, then you’re at the right place. Take a look below at the list of best blackmart apk alternatives.

  • UpToDown App is a very popular software download website. On this site, you can download apps and software for your Android and Windows device respectively. It is even one of the oldest app downloading hubs that exist on the internet.

  • Aptoide

I don’t know how you are not aware of this amazing app store which is widely popular among Android fanatics. Aptoide is basically an open-source application marketplace where user can create their own app-like store. There a one can upload and download apps and later on can manage the uploaded applications as well.

  • Malavida App Store

Malavida is one of the emerging names in the world of app stores and the app market. I personally have been using the Malavida web store for a while. And it’s super easy and fast. If you want, then you can download the Malavida Appstore on your Android device and then start downloading apps using it just like Blackmart Alpha.

So, above we just discussed some cool Blackmart alternatives that work well and you must definitely try them in 2021.


Q- What is Blackmart Alpha?

Blackmart Alpha used to be an amazing app market or a Google Plat store alternative but it is no more available.

Q- Is Blackmart safe to use?

As it is no more available, you will find only malicious and infected apps pretending to as the official blackmart.

Q- How do I download Blackmart?

You can’t download Blackmart anymore. However, there are many similar apps that exist like Aptoide and UpToDown, etc.

Wrapping Up

So, here we wrapping up the things that we discussed above. Overall, Blackmart Alpha exists no more and many of its alternatives have already started taking their place. Don’t know if it will come or not. But for now, we do only request not to download any fake app that pretends to be the original one.

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